Bricks come in four sizes

4x8 8x8 8x16 16x16










Buy a brick today

Your personalized brick Will help build…

The “National American Huey History Museum”

Our Promise……Proceeds from your Brick will go towards the construction of a Flying National Museum that will preserve the Legacy of Both an ICON and Our Veterans!

Your Help……With a gift of $100.00, your 4x8 Brick will be engraved with your name or your loved ones names. You can also give a lasting gift of a brick to a friend or Veteran.

A Tribute……All bricks will be incorporated into the taxiway and helo pad, which will also double as a walkway / ceremony area for the Moving Wall. This Traveling Tribute will be brought to the Museum every three years.

Hard Work……Our goal is to sell 58,267 bricks, thus Honoring the Vietnam Veterans on the wall who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice! This is a hefty goal, but ultimately it will build the Museum and put in place a matching trust fund that will insure it’s future for many years to come.  Construction is expected to begin in 2013.







Complete the forms and mail them to American Huey 369 Org. 209 South Broadway. Peru, IN 46970 with a check enclosed,