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8th annual gathering of veterans & patriots

grissom aeroplex, peru, indiana

august 9th & 10th


setting up friday afternoon
master modeler jerry lindquist sets up his display
the wolfhounds have arrived!
on saturday morning the local boy scouts bring the flags in to start the event. local resident hannah klare sings the national anthem
john steer leads us in prayer al and nancy michaels listen to dan sedbury from the faa
al michaels receives a fifty years of dedicated service award from the faa.  
  pat moline shows off her birthday flowers
ron clark of amarillo texas helps out at the auction. dennis jacoba and ron clark show off the beautiful hand made afghan that was auctioned
we always have lots of art work donated for the auction everyone looks forward to the custom helmet painted and donated by life member don mong.
369 gets ready for the reenactment  
mick lannoo and adam jones charlotte and bruce peck. bruce was with the 336th and was a guest pilot at the gathering this year.
our dear friends john and donna steer lynn "doc" hammonds is thumbs up and ready to go!
american hueys future, katie baber  
long time member paul oyler (center) flying with co-founder alan walker (right) guest pilot phil hoza
core members and volunteers, jr. member caleb jones (left)
glen veno hanging out with dawn lowrie and sheri giffin ron paye enjoying himself at the controls
a common scene at american huey events! life member and future huey pilot, casey eames
life members ava marroni, cathy clark and joyce callaway  
frt row (left): chuck canfield, ron clark & ron paye. back row (left) glen veno, gary moline, peter bales, bill flowers, phil marshall, al michaels, ted buisker and tom agness. hello from the guys in the control tower!

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