Matt Finke prepares to drill out rivets. Al Michaels (left) and Kenny Wemer sand parts to a tow bar.
Matt Kesler sands a tow bar. Tom Shields removes parts from 049.
Gary Moline (left), Ed Marsh (front) and Ron Paye share a laugh. Al Michaels
Dan Eames sands on a tow bar. Dale Calloway sands a tow bar.
More tow bar sanding! They actually did work on 049! Jaimie Hicks cleans up one of the fuel cells from 049.
Brad Dorn scrapes paint off the noise. Bill Flowers sands an engine cowling.
Paul Boggs tackles the dash Charley Veer, Dale Calloway, Dan Eames and Chuck Canfield.
John Fotia drilling out rivets Matt Finke
  Mark Hopkins shoots some video.
Ken Watson (center) was a crew chief on 049 in Vietnam. Jaimie Hicks removing a panel.
John Fotia  
  Rodney Mayfield takes measurements to repair a tow bar.
Phil Marshall John Boyer
John Fotia, Mark Hopkins, Tom Shields and Brad Dorn Tom Shields and Mark Hopkins
Mark Hopkins Adam Jones
John Walker and Al Michaels Casey Eames, Ed Marsh and Dan Eames
Gary Moline John Walker