Road trip to Texas & Florida

049 & 701 go to Texas

Day 1 through 4

February 9 to February 12

On the road to Texas.
049 701
  Arriving at Vertical Lift Components.
Dick Hosmer directs the crane operator. When Dick and Benny get done with her, 049 will be ready to fly in mid 2015!
701 is unloaded in her new home. She is a great trade for all the work that will be done on 049.  
Ron Paye and Carolyn Hosmer, w/ Glen Veno and Noreen  
Carolyn Hosmer and John Walker Lt to Rt: Glen Veno, Ron Paye, John Walker, Jerry Conner and Dan Eames. The "Road Crew".
  On the road again. Headed to Florida to pick up two Hueys.

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